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Our Services

We believe the use of high-tech technology can bring a new level of experience and efficiency to our customers. By far, we are the first company to provide Mechanical Mannequin Digital Imaging photography service in Hong Kong, alongside with our illustrator and content developer.

Professional Product Photography

Mechanical Mannequin Digital Imaging photography service is a technology combining the lighting system, computer-aided equipment, software and camera, which means an all-in-one machine to support you through your process on entire visual content production. Compared to traditional studio setup, our machine can almost cater to every genre of fashion styles, men and women, from high fashion to streetwear look, casual or chic, all depends on your choice.

Multi-angle Product Presentation

With multi-angle (front, rear, sides) photography and responsive light controller, your garments can be presented to your customers and followers via high quality digital images.

Artificial On-model Imagery Visualization System

You can visualize your garment posing on an artificial model. Our illustrators are ready to create astonishing model images at your own preference. While you only need to have a piece of garment photographed in a single size, the garment could be fit on models from size XS to XL. These images can show the customers what particular garments look like on models of different body types.

High Quality Visual Content

Fashion photography can be a repetitive job, editing hundreds of fashion images for a website can be a real challenge. With the ability of High Production Capacity offered by our machine, export of bulk high quality image files can be achieved and thereby boost your content production rate by 4X daily. You can keep feeding your website or social media with fresh content, without compromising quality.

Overseas Garment Sample Inspection

Stationed in Hong Kong, we can offer high-resolution digital images service for your sample garment manufactured in a third-party factory. Without wasting time and money for long travel, we will send back the garment’s digital images to you via email for visual inspection. Upon your request, we can return the sample garment either back to the factory or to your indicated address (additional fees may apply).