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Why Style1010

Reduce time and cost. Create better content.

Upon using our exclusive Mechanical Mannequin Digital Imaging photography service, you can focus on engagement in other related activities of managing your e-platform timely and wisely.
You will experience a significant reduction of the cost compared with previous photography sessions. No extra budget or space for new equipment. Bear in mind that we only charge by per photo without any extra cost in post-processing photo editing service.
Our manpower means your manpower. Let’s us do the job and all you need to do is to upload the photos (readily available to you) on your website or social media.
Our high-quality digital images and on-model presentation can help enhance your brand and provide your customers/followers with realistic visualization of the garments.
Monitor your sample garment with high resolution digital images without wasting time and money for travelling overseas.
Apart from digital images photography services, we offer a one-stop service for their website/apps development, alongside with our digital photography service. Please see for more details.